Each and every day we welcome students, employees, and visitors to our beautiful campus. 在你到达之前,有几件事你需要知道. 

  • 澳门威尼斯赌场 is dedicated to providing high-quality educational and cultural enrichment to students, employees, and citizens of Harford County and the surrounding 区域. Our mission is best served when the use of College facilities addresses those 利益. 学院是一个有限的公共论坛.
  • The College embraces the principles and practices of free speech, expression, and 组件中描述的 关于言论和集会自由的程序. 这些程序的适用将符合法律的要求. 在 event that any guideline conflicts with applicable law, the law will govern. 
  • In no circumstance will race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, status as an individual with a disability, veteran, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information or any other status protected by law, or any other 受保护状态是决定因素.




  • 沿95号州际公路北至丘奇维尔80号出口(543号公路). 在尽头向左转 匝道转入Rt. 543.
  • 旅行 North toward Churchville for approximately 6 miles to the traffic light at 543号公路和22号公路的交汇处.
  • 在22号公路右转. 用Rt. 托马斯润路22号路口的红绿灯.
  • 在汤姆斯润路左转.
  • 大学校园在右边. 


  • 沿95号州际公路南行至香港仔85号出口(22号公路西).
  • 沿着22号公路向西行驶到托马斯润路的交通灯处.
  • 右转进入汤姆斯润路.
  • 大学校园在右边. 

There are more than 2,100 open and shared spaces available on Harford's campus. 高 预计下午8 - 2时30分及6 - 7时30分交通繁忙. 在这些时候,最好是 allow at least 30 minutes for locating a parking space and walking to classrooms. 

To avoid congestion, parking in the T, J North, or W lot and walking to the desired 建议地点. 

指定摩托车停放处 可以在A、C、F和J批次找到. 扩大的空间被设计为共享空间 乘坐两辆或更多的摩托车. 

访客及学生 可在露天停车场停车:A、F、T、W 

访客、学生和员工 泊车位:B、C、E、J、L 


  • 在没有有效许可证的情况下,在员工或许可要求的空间或地段
  • 被涂成红色的任何限制
  • 有禁止停车标志的地方
  • 在道路上或草地上
  • 在任何未被平行线指定的区域
  • 在装货区停留超过15分钟
  • 在公共安全部门指定的任何其他区域


  • Campus police are authorized by state law to stop vehicles and issue citations for 违反交通和停车规定,罚款从50美元到150美元不等. 高速或 reckless driving and failure to yield to pedestrians may result in a fine of up to $150.

To appeal a traffic violation citation, you must submit an Appeal of Traffic Violation 违规后120天内填写. 已经缴纳的罚款仍可上诉 违反规定后120天内. 如交通上诉委员会豁免罚款, 违规者将退还已缴纳的罚款.

Appeal forms are also available at the Welcome Center or the Department of Public 安全. Completed forms must be returned to the Department of 公共安全, Harford 社区学院,401托马斯润路,贝尔艾尔,马里兰州21015. 所有的决定都是由 交通申诉委员会的决定是最终的.

  • State law allows for towing of vehicles from fire lanes without warning or notification. Fire lanes are clearly marked, and this law will be strictly enforced for the safety 社区的成员. 
  • Depending on the time of day and the classes, events and activities scheduled, Harford 社区学院可以有大量的行人和车辆交通.
  • If you’re driving to campus, be sure to obey all traffic laws on campus grounds as 校园限速15英里每小时.
  • Make sure to be attentive to your surroundings and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks; 行人在任何时候都有先行权.
  • 行人应走人行横道,并在过马路时保持警惕.
  • In accordance with the Education Article of the Maryland Code, Section 26-102, the president or her/his written designee may deny access to the 建筑s or grounds of the College to any person who: (a) is not a bona fide currently registered student or is not a current employee of the College and/or who does not have lawful business to pursue at the College, or (b) is suspended or expelled, or (c) acts in a disruptive 的方式. 
  • All persons attending classes must be officially registered for those classes. 孩子们 (ages 12 and under) are not to be left unattended at any time, under any circumstances. 
  • Access to the College's athletic fields and gymnasium must be officially authorized. 这项政策既适用于学生,也适用于公众. 违反者将受到 因非法侵入而被罚款及/或逮捕.  
  • It is the policy of 澳门威尼斯赌场 to prohibit all pets from all campus 建筑s, offices, laboratories 还有运动场 with the exception of service animals used as bona fide instructional aids, or animals used for contracted entertainment 目的.
  • Dogs that are properly controlled (leashed) and licensed will be permitted in open 校园区域.
  • 主人负责所有宠物的清洁工作. 
  • Open from sunrise to sunset, our hiking and biking trails provide an easy to moderate 徒步经过一些陡峭的路段.
  • 入口 西校区步道 are at Prospect Mill Park, HCC’s Observatory, and the corner of Thomas Run Road and 雅各布的好.
  • 东校区小径 can be accessed from the corner of Medical Hall Road and Thomas Run Road, by the College’s Science Pond near the A Lot, and at the intersection of Graduate Drive and 跨校园路.
  • 只允许徒步旅行和山地自行车.

The College has specific rules for skateboards, roller blades, and other motorized 设备详细介绍如下. 请在操作前查看此信息 校园交通工具:校园里的任何一种交通工具. 

  • Skateboards, roller blades, and sidewalk scooters may be used on campus in a safe 穿戴适当的个人防护装备 只有 if a credit or noncredit program includes their use or as a method of transportation 往返于工作或指导之间. 这些运输方式只能使用 在户外,如果带入室内,必须妥善保管. 
  • Unsafe skating, skateboarding and bicycling is prohibited and may result in a fine.  Examples include, but are not limited to, jumping, traversing steps, grinding on stair 栏杆和挡土墙,表演技巧,以及其他相关动作. 
  • Motorized equipment, including hoverboards, self-balancing conveyances, electric bikes, mopeds, or electric unicycles, are not authorized for use on campus sidewalks, walkways, 还有运动场. 如果使用这些设备往返学院, it must be stored outside at a bicycle rack and may not be charged inside a College 建筑. 如果法律要求使用此类交通工具,则可以例外。 College operations, in accord with ADA or mobility accommodations, or part of a supervised 教学课程、青年营或活动.

  • The use of any type of tobacco product, smoking device or equipment, or any item that simulates smoking is prohibited in all 建筑s and 区域 of the campus and off-campus 由学院监督的地点. 
  • 鼓励骑自行车和骑自行车上下班. 校园里欢迎骑自行车 operated in a safe 的方式, but must not interfere with campus activities, disrupt 交通,或造成财产损失.
  • Bicyclists are expected to obey traffic laws while traveling in parking lots or on 校园的道路.
  • Bicycles are to be kept outside in the provided bike racks and may not be left leaning 靠在建筑物上或固定在栏杆或其他大学财产上.